Tuesday, September 4, 2012


My grandparents left this morning. It's such a sad day for me ... to have to say goodbye to them again. I feel so lucky to have spent these past 3 months with them, so incredibly lucky. They've never stayed with us this long and a part of me realizes that they must have done it for a reason, because it's their last time to come over that Atlantic ocean. And it's not that we're worried that they will pass away just yet, it's the fact that traveling is not easy for them and they really don't think they're physically capable of doing it again. That's got to be a little terrifying, leaving the US for the last time (and all those precious great grandchildren) and never looking back.

I hope that we will be able to visit them in South Africa sooner rather than later. I hope that my kids will be able to see them again. Today I'm left feeling so grateful for this time, for all the moments that my kids were able to share with them. For all the hugs, hand holds, and laps to sit in. For all the stories, laughs, breakfasts, memories ... for the legacy they've left behind.

Sorry to seem so melancholy today.

We took these photos a couple of nights ago. Four generations of girls.
{Photos by wonderful husband}


  1. Oh my goodness you almost drove me to tears. I so appreciate your grateful heart, because some families even who all don't live an ocean apart don't absorb the gratefulness of family and being together. So many hugs coming your way today my friend:)


  2. What precious photos you have to remember this fun summer! Thoughts and prayers with you today!!


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