Wednesday, November 7, 2012

A Gender Reveal

My younger sister recently threw the family a little gender reveal party, a really sweet way for us all to find out her little one's gender and put in our two cents before the big reveal. Our lovely friend Lisa bought the balloons and wrapped them up into a giant box for Daena and then added that adorable little spot for us to pin our votes. We were also to wear blue or pink (or red, if the boys preferred). As you can see, girl had a crazy majority vote that evening!
 Here's a shot of all the girl voters
 And the 2 that voted for boy.

Isn't that funny? I think we were all sure of it because Daena had been so sick. But it seems that every once in a while, tiny growing boys like to wreak havoc on their mamas too. 
So excited to be sharing a holiday giveaway with you all tomorrow! You're going to love it. :)


  1. What a sweet way to find out! I didn't find out for my son... but I think I want to do something like this for the next pregnancy. (not that I am currently pregnant!)


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