Monday, November 19, 2012

Maternity Style {13 weeks}

Hello friends! Such a fun and busy weekend behind us and an even better week ahead. The boys have just 2 days of school and then we're in full holiday mode, celebrating Thanksgiving, shooting Christmas pictures, starting our Christmas shopping, cutting down a tree, decorating the house, and possibly even braving a holiday movie with the whole lot of us. Not sure if little E can pull that off yet but we have to give it a try eventually. 

Over the weekend we managed to squeeze in a shocking amount of Christmas activities. It seems that Green Bay starts things early (though perhaps it was just early this year) and well, we were eager participants in just about everything (except that darling tour of homes which looked just about perfect but would have turned my Saturday into a crazy puzzle of activities should I have tried to fit it in). We attended a downtown tree lighting, carriage ride, and visit with Santa on Friday. A holiday parade on Saturday. And finally, I took the bigs to see a production of "The Best Christmas Pageant Ever" on Sunday. So yes, we are on a roll!
{dress - too old to know, necklace - Express, tights - Charlotte Russe, bracelet/ring - J. Crew, purse - Nicole Miller from T J Maxx}

My sister and I went through our maternity boxes last week and separated the clothes into piles. We have shared these maternity clothes for every pregnancy but her first, so we've worked them through 7 now! Needless to say, there's some terrible stuff in there and so we had to get rid of about a third of it. But we unearthed a few treasures and plenty of "oh no but I guess I should hold on to it"types and this dress was one such item. It's not maternity but it's roomy and it's definitely from the 90's. ;) Oh you silly 90's you. And the gauchos, girls! There were about 4 pairs of horrid gauchos which had us laughing like mad at our insanity and which we plan to take pictures in before we send them off to the center of the earth. We were so into those back then! 


  1. Great pic of you! I agree about the maternity clothes! Wow some of the things i wore with my first were horrid!

  2. I looked like a sailer or like I was wearing a muumuu my first 2 pregnancies, O how the clothes have gotten better. Also, I love gauchos, roomy, cozy and such a fun name.


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