Friday, November 9, 2012

Maternity Style {keeping it casual}

I'm grateful that my favorite jeans still fit me, well, with the help of a rubber band pulled through the button hole. So almost fit me. I dread the day when they no longer will cause maternity jeans are the absolute pits! Can't stand them. Perhaps I'll break my own rule and wear leggings everyday instead. I gave up on those a couple of years ago but I have to say, they look pretty cute on preggie girls. In the meantime, this is how I'm keeping it casual ...
{shirt - Old Navy, jeans - Paige, ring - J. Crew, purse - Target, shoes - Forever 21}


  1. How do skirts and pregnancy fair?

  2. Skirts are great. Dresses even better ::)

  3. Yes, dresses are the best! I had good luck with Loft maternity jeans but I think they're only available on-line. A little pricey but they often have such good sales. I found a pair of Gap ones I really liked but was too far into my pregnancy to justify them. Congrats!

  4. So excited to hear your happy news! You look great! We are expecting again as well-due 3/15:)


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