Friday, November 2, 2012

Trick or Treating

I have just a few pictures to share from our Halloween. We started off trick or treating with family and friends in my sister's cute little neighborhood, walking the kids from house to house and laughing like crazy at little E who tried to have a chat with each home's candy representative. He'd ask them all sorts of questions and I'm surprised he wasn't invited in for a cup of tea. We were also complimented on what a beautiful little girl he was, in his pirate costume, mind you. :)
Monty was a blue man and it even zipped up over his head. We thought his costume pick was hilarious but after I saw the excitement on his buddy's faces a little later that evening ("Wow Monty, that's so cooool"), I realized he knew a thing or two about costumes. Parker was Jango Fett, a Star Wars character, and one I don't know at all. In regards to Star Wars, I just smile and say wow.
And my pick for best costumes, the wonderful Wagner family in their grandma made crayon costumes. So awesome. :)


  1. aww thanks! :) she's quite a talented lady. you of the greatest things about those costumes is how warm they kept us all! it was like wearing a thick blanket around your entire body. very nice.


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