Thursday, December 27, 2012

Our Christmas Shenanigans

What an awesome week it's been so far! We attended a couple of Christmas Eve services at our church on Monday evening and then headed home for an evening with just each other for company. The boys were eager to get to bed so that Santa could arrive and decided together that, even if they heard the sleigh bells or any such noises, they were not going to inspect. Seeing Santa right there, in person, made them a bit "nervous". We did not forget his cookies and milk in our haste and decided to give him an assortment of edibles, not knowing his preference or even if he had a similar nut allergy. In the end, that was not the case as he went for the peanut butter kiss. 

He brought the boys some wonderful gifts and all 3 were very happy. But the real excited happened at Ouma's house a few hours later, when they unwrapped one after another after the other. They made out like bandits, all in all, and have been playing happily ever since. They are, in fact, so extremely excited about their new toys that I can't get them to sleep in during their little holiday from school. And I know that come next week Wednesday, waking up at 7pm will be the hardest thing Parker has ever had to do!

Christmas Eve ...
Christmas morning!
 Christmas with family, later that afternoon.

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