Monday, January 7, 2013

Electric Blue {20 weeks}

{blazer - Target, shirt - J. Crew, skirt - Asos (can be worn at varied lengths), shoes - Sam Edelman}

Ooh, I'm starting to struggle to find (1) a good home bound location to shoot winter photos and (2) a nice and flattering angle. It's not that I'm all that rotund yet, it's just that I'm not quite as streamlined as before and I feel like every picture we take enlarges my double chin or love handles. But we'll keep trying friends; try to get at least one per week for each of these 40 weeks of pregnancy, though I'm sure I only started numbering them around 8 weeks. No biggie.

Anyway, electric blue is what's making me happy at the moment. That and all other brights, or in other words, any color that does not resemble winter. I am over winter! And I have a long road ahead ... My shipment of Asos maternity wear arrived on Saturday and I wasted no time at all in wearing this skirt unearthed from said package. I'm happy and greatly relieved to tell you that all the clothing fit perfectly and I would highly recommend their ever changing maternity line to all you lovely pregnant ladies out there. They are so incredibly reasonable, this skirt on sale for $12, and end up being just as cheap if not cheaper than Target or Old Navy would cost in the US (plus free shipping). There's not much better than that! If you're in need of a few maternity items, you must take a look. Plus, the dresses are absolutely adorable!

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