Thursday, January 31, 2013

Floral Crown DIY

I thought I'd have a try at making a floral crown for an upcoming photo shoot. I have a plan to do something rather dramatic for these pictures, so this crown was to make a statement. This is the first of 3 that I hope to whip up and while my silk flower options were certainly lacking, I thought it ended up looking really pretty. All supplies were found at Hobby Lobby with the exception of the smaller red flowers which I found at a thrift store.
I used this mesh tiara from the bridal section at Hobby Lobby as my skeleton. To get things going, simply start with the largest and loveliest flower and in this case, wrap the stem around the crown. And then continue on by adding the second largest bloom, keeping them close together and so on. I grabbed the hot glue gun when there were no stems and added smaller blooms working my way down each side. After I'd covered the front half in flowers, I wrapped the remainder of the mesh in a ribbon. And finally, I grabbed the glue gun again and added a few berries to the back of the crown, laying it lightly over the ribbon. 
I think they'll make a beautiful spring decoration when we're not frolicking about with them on our heads. :) Pregnancy permits so many special allowances, does it not?

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