Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Maternity Style {19 weeks}

A little snow day outfit for you this evening. I'm finding that these stretchy skirts are puuurfect for a growing waistline. Wish I'd thought to buy one in every color back at summer's start. Oh well, I'll settle for the one that I do have ... though there may or may not be a similar skirt arriving in the mail soon (along with a few maternity items from Asos, which I'm dying to try out).

With January upon us and school back in session tomorrow, I'm looking forward to ....well, February I'd say. I've not in the past found much fun in Januaries though we manage to skip through them with not too much trouble. February is a month that I'm far fonder of, as it's a time for hearts, kisses, breakfasts, and anniversary getaways. Now that sounds much, much better. And in March we're so very close to fulfilling our hopes of sunshine and pastels again, spring about to blow through the door. Not to mention the arrival of one little man.

In the meantime, I intend to hoist myself back into the swing of work after these wonderful, lazy days at home with the family. And I hope to tackle a big room redo for the boys, who will all move in together in March. There are some awesome plans there and I hope the end result is as grand as the dream.

This will be a fairly quiet year other than that, I think. It should be much the same as last though, I admit, I'm really itching to try my hand at new endeavors. In the meantime, I'll continue to focus on my family and my dancing and the little things that come in-between. And then, in May, all my energy will once again be channeled into one little human being, that being my greatest of jobs for the several months that follow. Me time will certainly come to a close, so I suspect I should take advantage of these next 5 months as much as I can. I hope to read endless amounts of novels, DIY myself into a stupor and keep my little ones on the straight and narrow, haha! But truly, this year, as I continue to find moments to write here sharing with you the things in this life that make me happiest and leave me bursting at the seams with inspiration (and what would I ever accomplish if not inspired?), my greatest job will be to encourage my children to know our Savior as the absolute Love of our lives, in a place and a time when there is so much else to love.

Thank you God for that. For all the good things that you give to us. For the opportunity to be so fulfilled and to experience such beauty in our everyday. We are so lucky.


  1. So excited for you and your new little bundle this year! I think your goals for the next 5 months sound fantastic.


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