Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Something Borrowed {for the bump}

{sweater - moms, shirt - husbands, jeans - Asos , boots - J C Penney, purse - thrifted}

Get ready for an overload of sexy!
Just had to share these maternity jeans with you cause I thought they were so cool. I've seen similar styles in preggie jeans but none exactly like this, with that actually button closure which, when not exposing the entire delightful belly, looks quite normal and non-maternity. There's even the adjustable waistband on the inside much like my kid's pants. And then there's the full belly band attached which sort of smooths the line, that terrible transition of jean to belly where all the latter explodes over the former in various unflattering pillows of chub. And best of all, it's a true skinny jean which I've not seen anywhere. I really prefer the look of skinny jeans for pregnancy as I tend to live in oversized t's, tunics and button ups. So there needs to be that slimming effect on my lower half to balance it out and a regular pair of boot cuts don't do the job. I've moved 5 of my husband's button up shirts to my side of the closet now. And I love his long sleeve J. Crew t's. They're the pregnancy BOMB! At least half of what I wear has to be of the true "boyfriend" variety. I'm so authentic aren't I?

Speaking of bombs, Little E was sledding down the hill in our front yard when we started taking these pictures. He couldn't resist making an appearance. :)


  1. I wish I ha cool jeans like that when I was preggie!!!

  2. Love your maternity style! I once wrote this on a comment before, but I discovered you on Design Mom and just love your blog. BUT I especially love it lately because I am also pregnant (I think just about 3 weeks behind you) and so I'm getting great ideas for maternity clothes. After your post the other day, I spent an unreasonable amount of time on the asos website and now have entirely too many things in the cart. I'm trying to decide what I can't live without :). Thanks!

    1. Thank you Gracehill! It's so nice to know that you enjoy visiting still. Congrats on your pregnancy! Asos is insanely wonderful :)


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