Monday, February 11, 2013

Oh Baby!

Oh baby,

I've started to like coffee again which is kinda fun. A cup of coffee in the morning is as much about the experience as it is the taste (a little lesson in coffee snobbery to tuck in for the future :), so it's fun to enjoy the taste again. Plus it gives me more reason to stop at every bakery and coffee shop in town for a cuppa and a tasty treat. I like sweets too much but I wouldn't call it a pregnancy craving necessarily, just a regular thing for me. All the weird edibles that sounded yummy earlier on, like pickles and cottage cheese, well, I'm not so into those anymore. But orange juice and oranges are still something I can inhale. In fact, I'm drinking a glass of OJ right now.

Still loving your bouncy movements in my belly, every single one of them. You're not too big yet so they're still very comfortable. Right now you're the size of a rutabaga, though I can't honestly say I'm too familiar with that vegetable, never mind it's volume. I read that you're starting to get a little fat on your bones which is lovely. I love chubby babies! I'm sure you'll be tiny when you arrive as the boys all arrived in the 6 pound range. But you all grow really, really fast (Parker was often fondly referred to as the Pillsbury dough boy, poor little guy).

We have an ultrasound on Wednesday, an opportunity to see you again. There are a lot more things to think about when you're a mommy that's a little older. A lot. But the one advantage is that we get to keep a closer eye on you which makes it all the sweeter for us.

I'm still incredibly tired, even though I think I should have much more energy at this stage of the pregnancy. But it's alright as I have the opportunity to take naps (I picture Parker's video games and how you can gain energy stars ... that's me each afternoon) and little E and I sleep together each day at the same time. Works out really well. January was a truly yucky month for me and February is not looking much better so far but I know there's hope ahead, little one, and that spring will be here soon enough. We're almost through this ghastly winter (fingers crossed).

All my love to you. See you on Wednesday.

Your mommy

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