Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Preggie Pics

Here are my favorite shots from the little photo shoot we did at my home on Saturday. These are my amazing and beautiful sisters and we're lucky enough to be doing this together. Daena, who is standing in the middle, is 37 weeks, Cara, on the left, is 23 weeks and I'm 27 weeks. Daena and I know what we're having and Cara is not going to find out, hence the colored ribbon. ;)

Thank you husband for taking these! 
Had to try something a little cheesy too! 

We shot a few on Saturday afternoon as well and I hope to share those soon. It was such a fun day for us girls, something we'll remember forever. 


  1. So freaking cute. What an incredibly wonderful blessing to all be pregnant! You guys look absolutely stunning.

  2. Really awesome pics!! Precious moments!xxx

  3. so beautiful in so many ways! I can't pic a favorite! Can't wait to see more!

  4. Praise Yahshua for little ones!
    Jews for Jesus.org!


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