Sunday, March 24, 2013

Newborn Photos {Jude}

My sweet little man Jude allowed us to poke and prod him a couple of mornings ago in order to get a few precious newborn pictures. He did a wonderful job sleeping, crying and nursing his way through them, even keeping me on my toes with a 2 second smile! 

This is Jude at one week. 
And this giant frog is his duppy. It's really not quite as giant as it looks but I thought the size difference was just so adorable and had to be taken advantage of while we could. Each Gustafson child has a frog duppy and that frog is their #1. The word duppy originated from my little sister Cara, who came up with the name for her own favorite blanket when she was a baby/toddler (and which she slept with through college - shhhh!). We decided to keep the duppy name for all of our kids too. It's just so perfect. By the way, happy birthday Cara Meliah! Mwa!
Then we had to wake him up again for a new shot. 
Which required mommy kisses and cuddling and finally ... back to sleep we go. 


Thanks for reading!
xx Kirsty

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