Thursday, March 7, 2013

Oh Baby Girl

Oh baby girl,

I''m 29 weeks along now, in my last trimester! Can you believe it? You're now the size, or more specifically the weight, of 4 navel oranges. And boy oh boy, I can feel a difference. Your movements are more spread out and both at the side, top and bottom at the same time. Seems like you're stretching out when you yawn. I still love your movements though and they're not too uncomfortable yet. It's sweet when you remind me that you're there. Sometimes little E will talk to you, put his mouth right to my belly button, and whenever he does, you get all wiggly instantly. You can hear him, little one, and you seem to love his chats. And there will be mornings when I wake the boys up and at the sound of my voice, after a long night's sleep, you wake up with them. 

I'm beginning to work on your room this weekend as little E will be moving in with his brothers. They're all looking forward to it very much but I'm a little nervous. Though I'm excited to finally get into your nursery and make it special for you. There's just something so magical and sweet about baby nurseries. I love them. The picture above is of the first piece of art that I purchased for your wall. It's perfect, isn't it? 

And I've begun to wash your new clothes and hang them up. Actually, I think you have enough already! I just couldn't resist buying you some pretty lovelies and your daddy seemed perfectly happy to indulge me in that. I've waited long enough, haven't I?

Sometimes I still can't believe that you're really coming. I mean, now that I've really let it sink in and I've been enjoying the thrill of it all, well, I guess that I even get scared that they're wrong about you. I've only known what it's like to raise boys and the thought of a girl seems so unreal. I'm thankful and I'm excited about the newness of it all. 

You're so special to me already. There's already a tenderness that I feel for you, a concern for your fragile little girl being. I expected boys to grow and strengthen in my belly with all the might expected of a boy. And now I think of your tiny, precious body forming and I rub the spots where you push to tell you I noticed. ALready worrying ... is this what it's like with girls? Boys are like cats, 9 lives and all, at least in regards to bonks on the head. But I'm sure you're just fine in there. 

With love, 
your mommy

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