Saturday, April 6, 2013

3 Birds and a Butterfly

{this is a part of a series in 2013, a portrait of each of my children, every week throughout this year}

Parker - enjoying the peace of baby's room

Monty - creating with dominoes

Elliot - drawing

Baby girl - way too squished to get a good shot but it's her nonetheless

This was a difficult week, a week of discipline I guess you could say. Monty and Elliot have started to play together more and as a result, fight more. They're both firecrackers, those two. They love passionately and fight passionately. So we've had little peace and much time spent crying in the bedroom. But this too shall pass. Parker takes moments to breath peacefully in quieter places and baby's room is an oasis. It's beautiful. I'd spend the day in there if I could ... reading, napping, playing a game of Candyland with them, drawing in sketch books. 2 of us would love nothing better than a room and something in our hands, while the other 2 need to move .... A LOT. Thank goodness for variety, the spice of life!

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