Sunday, April 14, 2013

3 Boys {on a Saturday morning}

{this is a part of a series in 2013, a portrait of each of my childrenalmost every week throughout this year}

The 2nd week in April

Grrrr! It's nasty outside and we feel like we live in a giant snow globe, constantly shaking, without hope of our beloved seasons. This is insane. While we wait for spring to shine it's glorious sun on our antsy little bodies, we're keeping busy inside ... a little music, a few cartoons, video games with our cousins, and experimentation with creating a slew of crowns out of toilet paper rolls, pipe cleaners, you name it. 

Surprisingly, dear boys, you're keeping it together really well and finally learning to get along and play together like friends instead of the impatience of last week. I'm proud of you. I know you need to run and play and dear God, please let it happen soon! I'm losing my mind down here (as are we all). 

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