Thursday, May 23, 2013

The Butterfly {4 days old}

This shows me just how tiny you are! Those little dolls are in fact minuscule. You thought this little line up was pretty great and hung out here for some time before little E joined you. Today your eyes have cleared up and you're looking more intently at us, following your brothers around a bit. You've always had a surprisingly strong neck, right from the moment they gave you to me. You nurse frequently throughout the day time but last night you gave me some nice long stretches of sleep, waking twice. You're sleeping in our room at night and seem to love that fan as much as your brothers. In the day we're having you nap where ever, car seat, bassinette, and arms, all in the hopes that you'll grow comfortable with being flexible and able to sleep even in the midst of our loud family noises. So far, so good. You're happy at home and you've made it really easy on us so far. You've fit right in, as if you were always there. This afternoon we napped together in my bed and you were tucked into my left arm. I had to wake you after a while cause you were so content to sleep the day away. I'm cherishing these newborn moments. 
Elliot was home with us today and I think it's safe to say that he's finally feeling some love for his little Scarlet. We went for a long walk around the neighborhood this morning and watched some Wipeout. :) We're weaning E off of his naps which is both gruesome and wonderful at the same time. It makes for a long afternoon, though I no longer have to nap to survive the day like I have these past few months, but Elliot seems to sleep much better at night without the nap. To bed earlier and sleeps in much later. So we may start an afternoon "milk and a movie" time instead.
I've not yet been able to dress this girl in any of her new clothes. She's waaay too small for them. Grateful to have several white onesies and some clothes borrowed from friends. Can't wait to get her in a little chambray - haha!

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