Tuesday, June 25, 2013

A Haircut and an Outfit {in order of importance}

It was time (sad face) ...
 but thankfully his super hero powers were not affected and as you can see are, in fact, still top notch. 

We tried for an outfit photo that afternoon as we both looked pretty cute, if I do say so myself. I'll give the credit entirely to those leather shorts though. Yes, I did say leather! And before you blast me with all sorts of "how is that possible in the middle of summer?" type questions understand this. 

1. They are mint green and that in itself is enough. Always. 
2. They are as soft as a baby's bottom. Not even kidding. 
3. They're a boyfriend fit meaning it's a comfortable elastic band and slouchier short so I was able to wear them even when 9 months pregnant! Holla. 
4. They have great air flow control for leather. ;)
5. And finally they were a gift from Azure in De Pere which means they're pure luxury and I should be prancing around Greece in these shorts instead of a Green Bay grocery store but heck, I wore them to a really lovely BBQ that evening so that counts for something. 
{on me: polka dotted chambray and flip flops - Old Navy, shorts - Azure (GB)
On e: jeans - South Africa, Native shoes - Crewcuts}
Just a sweet little shot of Monty, very proud, and standing next to his ice cream "mixed media" at art camp last week. Yum! We eat way too much ice cream in the summer. 

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