Friday, June 7, 2013

Oh {little boho} baby girl

{Okay, gear yourself up for a flooding of Scarlet pictures as I could not edit them down any further. 
She was just too precious!}
Oh baby girl,

Today you're 2 weeks and 5 days but these pictures were taken of you at 10 days. You've changed a whole lot even since then but they're tiny things that no one else might notice, though they're huge to me. You've developed some lovely plump cheeks and the teensiest of double chins. You're getting bitty calves now and you've got what we lovingly refer to as a bushmen belly. 

I love the way your lips curve up into 2 peaks, tiny triangles in pink. And the way your hair shines golden in the sunlight. You're beginning to fit into a few 0-3 month clothes though they're still pretty big. But you were 7 lbs and 10 oz on Tuesday so we're squishing you into your newborn outfits now. 

Yesterday you stared up at the light in your room and gave it a sweet little "agoo". Not just one but two "agoo"s even! I was so tickled by that. You are smiling more now to and save some particularly happy faces for those moments when your brothers have a chat with you. You think they're the little bombs they truly are. Elliot likes to touch you while you're nursing which tends to drive me crazy but seems to leave you undisturbed for the most part. It seems that he yearns for mommy snuggles when you're getting them and wants to be in real close whenever it's your turn. We're working on figuring out a happy medium with that.

Last night you slept for just over 5 hours in a row for me! It was blissful. Thank you for that. I hope it's the start of a pattern for you but I'm not banking on that. I know you babies too well. You like to pull our legs that way (wink wink). 

I love you to bits and pieces, 
your mommy

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