Friday, July 26, 2013

A Family Getaway

My family of 6 went up north for a few days, to a little town called Bailey's Harbor which is in Door County, a really lovely peninsula that's just about 40 minutes from our home and a place that offers all sorts of fun outdoorsy activities, shops, restaurants, and the water. It's tradition for us to visit in the fall when we think it's at its most beautiful. But we were offered a chance to visit a resort called The Rushes and boy, it was perfect for us and the boys. We met up there with my sister and her tribe on the first day and then stayed on with just the 6 of us for another night. The kids had an incredible time and I feel wonderfully relaxed now too. Here are some pictures!
 The view from our condo, just a teensy walk to a private beach which offered kayaks, sail boats, paddle boats, paddle boards and beach toys. 
 When the afternoons became too long and hot for the littler ones, they cozied up for a nap, either in their car seats outside being lulled to dream land by the swishing trees, or inside with soft pillows and blankets.

Both evenings were spent at a local pizza restaurant called Pizza Czar, the outside of which was transformed into something out of a child's wildest imaginations. It was spectacular! There were pedal cars and a huge maze of a course for them to explore. And colorful doors floating throughout the forest and cool artwork which on further inspection looked to be individual plaques painted by the restaurants patrons through the years. Giant chess sets and basketball hoops. Happy pink pigs and abandoned school buses. It was awesome. And while we sipped margaritas they played. Plus the pizza was delicious too. A must visit if you're nearby!
Scarlet and I stole a few pictures in the late afternoon glow. 

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