Monday, August 19, 2013

3 Birds and a Butterfly {backyard movie night}

{this is a part of a series called the 52 project, a portrait of each of my children, *almost* every week of this year}

Our last weekend before the big boys go back to school

Parker - changing, growing, and in your own world. I'm trying to figure you out again. 
Monty - a free spirit with a wild side that I'm praying we can teach and shape towards a passionate and wild love of God.
Elliot - I'm seeing very little of that tiny 3 year old that I had before summer. Now you want to pick out your clothes, dress yourself, pour your cereal, and be a sassy pants all the time. Great.
Scarlet - you wonderful little thing you.

PS: Monty and Elliot are the best of friends and the worst of friends right now. But one thing they completely agree on all of the time is their absolute love of sports clothes. For me, this infatuation with sporty clothing is both terrible and funny. And they love to wear socks with their sports shorts and tennies (usually mismatched for little E). Sheesh! Not my fave but I'm going with it. Letting them "express themselves". Ha!

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  1. it looks like a fun night! I so get the sports clothes....I gave up about 2 years ago!! At least we have our girls to dress cute!!


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