Tuesday, August 6, 2013

A Wish List

I'm so excited to introduce to you a wish list collaboration! I'm teaming up with my lovely and talented friend Holly and together we're creating a series of wish lists for you to enjoy. These lists will be curated by me and designed by Holly. Isn't this one gorgeous?

So this is a collection of items on my wish list right now. Some new, some old. 

1. For adding a little whimsy to any room in my home (plus it's cool enough for the boys). Paper mache giraffe head from Land of Nod - $69
2. In love with this backpack created from leather and a handwoven blanket. The Inca backpack by Sabrina Tach at Etsy - $185
3. Scarlet would love to have these fairy/bird wings for playtime or as a part of her Halloween costume one day. Wings by Big Bird Boutique at Etsy - $56.75
4. Isn't this sweet? I Love You to the Moon and Back poster decal from Land of Nod - $39
5. A sun kissed August swinging in this beauty with my last summer book. Nicaraguan handwoven hammock from Veronica Colindres at Etsy - $80
6. Wished for a handful of these for for.e.ver now. Kilim pillow from SofART at Etsy - $64

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