Thursday, August 15, 2013


Adorlee holding her baby brother Jude, a sight to behold, and something she's very proud of!
I took these pictures last week when we were over at our cousin's home to play. Monty will be in the same class as his cousin Adorlee this year and they're a little giddy about it (as are the moms!). They've always been such wonderful friends and this little guy just knows, when it comes to girls, you're all sweetness and charm. He's so incredible with his little sister too. Now with boys it's another story but hey, we're working on that.

I think it's kind of hysterical that he got everyone to do The Rolling Stones face here. Well, little E managed just a smidge of the pose correctly. This Monty of mine is such a little rocker and it's truly just pumping through his blood. Not only does he play drums pretty stinkin' well for his 6 years but he wears his little headphones around the house with his ipod playing rock music, drumming on everything all over the house. He even has a little speaker pillow that he sometimes likes to sleep with. He prefers the radio stations that play that sort of style and after he hears a tune he likes, we have to get it on Spotify so that it can be played on repeat at home. His latest favorite is Seven Nation Army. That one even gets Elliot going with his drum sticks and his head banging. :)

Every summer we have a song or a little set of them, that end up being our theme for those months. The tunes that, should they ever play again, bring back a swarm of sun bleached memories. Last summer, for me, it was Everybody Talks by Neon Trees. I think it was cause it played every time we swam at the pool and for that particular deliciously hot summer it was frequently. This summer it was an entire album, Family of the Year's Loma Vista. Phil, Scarlet and I listened to their music on repeat when we were in Nashville and it now has with it the most sweet, sweet memories. I love what music does to our  hearts. How it pinpoints so many different moments in our lives, little arrows that mark the year we moved to America (I Can't Help Falling in Love With You - UB40), or the time I worked at Paper Chase in Tulsa when I was a senior in high school (Natalie Merchant). Kiss Me by Sixpence None the Richer reminds me of when I was dating my husband and Kelly Clarkson's Breakaway brings back memories of my first pregnancy. There's a song for everything in my life really. Some of them are awesome and others make me blush.

Well, I went off on a tangent there but let's circle back to my original thoughts. Ain't kids great?

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  1. I loved this post! The kiddos look adorable and how fun they will be in the same class. I love hearing the songs that bring back memories for you, I often think of the "soundtrack" of my life, different songs that just by listening can take me back to a specific time...feelings and all. Music is magical like that.


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