Friday, August 2, 2013

Thoughts on Summer

Scarlet is about 10 weeks now though I may be off as I'm only counting the months anymore. It starts to get a bit too complicated to remember the ages and birth dates of 4 kids, never mind the weeks. My own age is completely up in the air (yeah right). Anyway, here's a little update of sorts. I wish I was as together as I'd like to be in the journaling/scrapbooking department but we all know how that goes, which is no where apparently, especially once baby #4 enters the picture. But I have big dreams to tackle those books and I'm depending on the resumption of school to allow me enough time in my day to do those sorts of things.

+ get back to my day job
+ write more meaty blog posts
+ craft myself into a frenzy
+ take a ballet class
+ clean my house like I mean it
+ stare at my baby for hours at a time
... you get the point

But you know what? The most incredible and beautiful thing about this summer has been the simple fact that the kids and I have had all this delicious do nothing time together. That is what's so great about having a babe, especially in the summer. You have an excuse to have absolutely no commitments or appointments and a stretch of days turned to weeks of thinking of nothing but ...

should we visit the park?
want to go to the pool?
how about grilling out?

So the end of summer is certainly bittersweet. Freedom and peace just a breath away but inundated dates and times soon crowding my calendar. What we'll remember about this summer of 2013, the pictures that will play when we close our eyes, well ... they'll be entirely occupied by our dear little butterfly. She's made this summer what it is. She's been the center of all of our worlds. She's been our everything. Scarlet is our favorite person and we love her fiercely.

She started sucking her thumb 3 days ago and it seems like she's going to stick with it. I have to admit to you that I'm completely enamored by the whole thing. I mean, if I'm going to have a little girl she might as well be the most adorable creature on the planet and go ahead and suck her thumb when she sleeps. And I'm going with my gut on this one and sticking with my not-gonna-worry policy (just don't have time or energy for worrying anyway). She's made her decision and she seems to kinda love it AND she even slept for 12 hours in a row with that little thumb helping her out, so ... well just take a look at that. Kind.of.awesome.

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