Friday, September 27, 2013

A Baby Dedication x 3

A few weeks ago, my sisters and I dedicated our new little ones to God. We invited friends and family to be a part of this special day with us and we held the ceremony, which my dad officiated, in our back yard. My father-in-law took most of our photos and Phil and I passed the camera back and forth a little too. Here's a peek at our afternoon. 
Aletta is wearing a dress knit by our great grandmother, who she is named after. My sister Cara also wore this dress when she was dedicated. How amazing is that?


  1. How special is this! I love the picture of the guys all snapping pics of the littles at the same time.

  2. Beautiful. Kirsty, what does the lighting of the candles signify? Thank you. Maria Danilaki-Wehrhahne

    1. Hi Maria. The first candle represents the life of the child. The second represents redemption through the blood of Christ. The third represents the dedication of the child to a life of purity. :)


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