Wednesday, September 25, 2013

A Wish List {soft and cozy somethings}

Just a few yummy items on my wish list for you to enjoy, organized beautifully by the amazing Holly.  Feeling warm and fuzzy today with fall knocking on my door, ready to slip into those comfy (but still cool!) sweats with my little lady. Perhaps some shiny new shoes for crunching leaves. And sweet handmades for the butterfly's collection.

1. Hand knit fairy princess crown - Lace and Cable - $32 
2. Knit trousers that won't make me feel sloppy - Madewell - $75
3. A pair to match her mama - Gap - $16.95
4. I've been gushing over this little elephant since Scarlet was but a twinkle in my eye - Cloth and Thread 
5. My lovely friend Kate plans to grab these floral boots for her little girl for a family photo shoot I'll be doing on Saturday. Aren't they perfect? We should get to see them on a model soon! - H&M - $19.95
6. Adore these. Nuf said - Madewell - $165

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  1. Thanks for the shout out. She adores the boot. I wish I could find them in my size! Can't wait until Saturday!


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