Friday, October 11, 2013

3 Birds and a Butterfly {+ a look at home}

{our collection is growing exponentially!}
This is a part of a series called the 52 project. A portrait of each of my children, with an attempt at every week of the year - 2013

The second week of October, an unusually warm one. 

Parker - not photographed this week but loved mightily
Monty - sharing another one of your masterpiece drawings
Elliot - piling the couch high with pillows after I propped up your sister
Scarlet - going with the flow

Plus a peek at a few corners of the home, now decorated for fall. 

Have a beautiful weekend!

PS: Leaving you with 2 fantastic crock pot recipes that I've made twice each already. They're that good! 1. French dip sandwiches and 2. Chicken and dumplings. Both really perfect warm fall comfort food for the fam. 

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