Friday, November 15, 2013

A Holiday Fashion Photo Shoot {with YOU magazine}

With the holiday issue of YOU magazine just a few days away from hitting news stands, I thought I'd share some of my favorite photos with you all. I hear this fashion shoot is getting a 4 page spread, the biggest I've had to date, so we're super excited to see it! For this occasion, I had the pleasure of working with a dear and gorgeous little family, the Flegels. Phil and I are friends with these 2 and think they're just wonderful! What luck that I was able to make a suggestion for the models this time around, to have that personal connection was lovely, and what fun it was to hop from one boutique to the next to style and outfit this little group. 

My idea for this holiday fashion shoot (shot in mid-October, mind you) was to create a series of looks for the family, fancy enough to attend a semi-formal holiday party. I had Bleu, one of Green Bay's coolest restaurants (my personal opinion but I am a huge fan!) in mind ever since my baby shower was held there back in April. The decor is incredible and worthy of a million pictures, I'd say. 

Here we have Weston, Amy, Jayden, and Arizona, all dressed in outfits from local shops Azure, Sweetpea's and The Puddle Duck (Weston wears his own finery actually. Yep, that included a trip to their home to inspect his wardrobe). Amy's hair and makeup was done by Rossemary at Salon 54. She did an incredible job of creating a look inspired by these 2 images - face and hair

Oh yes, and I wrapped a few presents to add a dash of Christmas cheer as well as a few of my kids larger and sweeter toys into the mix. 
Here are a few extras that I did not submit for the cut but are sweet all the same.


  1. Awesome! I can't wait to grab a copy. Love the photos - even the ones you didn't submit. Makes me want to dress up and hit some holiday parties now. It also makes me want to go and try Bleu restaurant now so I can see it's beautiful setting.

    1. Thank you Suesan! Wonderful to hear from you. :)


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