Saturday, November 2, 2013

A Wish List {loving the trend}

Just a little wish list to share this weekend, as a part of a collaboration with the very talented Holly. To be quite honest, my wish list (or really, it's more of a love list and a wish grannie could make this list) is ridiculously long at the moment but I've narrowed it down this week to a handful of favorites for both mom and the little one. I am absolutely crazy about the sweet little floral dresses (rich floral on dark backgrounds for winter) and those cool plaid and leather looks at Zara ... crazy! And the kid's clothes are just perfect. Plus these little jackets are incredible aren't they? Particularly for that child who will continue to love playing dress up all winter long. 

1. Floral blouse with faux leather cuffs - Zara $69.90
2. Little lion jacket - Little Goodall $160
3. Cute checked dress to match mamas - Zara $42.90
4. Sheer checkered organza blouse - Zara $59.90
5. Adorable bunny jackets - Little Goodall $149
6. Dark floral dress with lace trim - Zara $49.90

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