Monday, November 11, 2013

Odds and Ends {from the weekend}

Phil and I spent a little time photographing outfits for YOU magazine on Sunday afternoon. I'm currently working on 4 looks, all incorporating leather trends, each to be worn to a specific local eatery. Kinda cool huh? So I've picked some of my favorite restaurants and I'm dressing with new year festivities in mind (it's the January issue, out mid December). This particular outfit is to be left on the "cutting room floor" so to speak. I didn't end up liking it in the end. At least not for the magazine. There's a lot of pressure there, to get the look just right, when something is in actual print. What I had in mind was something for my New Year's Eve dinner date and well, this frock is one of my dressy favorites. But I think I might go with something red instead! Wouldn't that be fun? 
{jacket - Kohls, dress - Besselli (GB), earrings - F21, shoes - Target}

And here's my Scarlet, all snazzied up from her morning at church. Had to get a good close up of those  glittery shoes. She wore them to the father - daughter ball which she attended with her daddy on Friday night. Made it through one whole hour too! He said he had to walk around much of the time and couldn't get any of his food into his mouth but it was an awesome memory nonetheless. At least for him! :) Anyway, these shoes will be pounding the pavement this holiday season, or at least the exersaucer. They're the perfect sparkly holiday shoe.
 {dress - made by Grannie for cousin Adorlee, shoes - also Adorlee's but from Gap, ruffle bum tights - Gymboree}
 {eye lashes!}
Thank you Monty for the use of your warm and squishy bed. 

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