Thursday, December 19, 2013

Portraits of a 7 Month Old

Scarlet Evangeline is 7 months old today!
Dearest Scarlet, 

You're everything that I love most about a rolly polly, drooly, squealing baby. You smile at me with those two adorable gleaming teeth and giggle when I tickle your ribs and kiss your neck. You lay with me on the floor and together we stare up into the tree, listening to Bing Crosby and sucking on our toes (no sorry, that's just you!). You sit like a proper lady now with no more toppling bangs to head, thank goodness. You love to snuggle into my chest when you're sitting on my lap playing, just to let me know that you think I'm pretty swell and well, I think you're swell too. I love how you talk to yourself in the mirror, it's adorable, and how you try to say "hi" to your reflection. And you're even saying your sweet version of mom which sounds like "maaaaammmm". But it's me you're calling, I just know it! You enjoy laying in your bed, staring at the tiny arrows swaying above your head. I walk in there to see what all the squealing is about and you've got your tiny chubby feet dancing in the air. And then 10 minutes later I'll check again and you're rolled onto your side with your face buried in your duppy.  

We love you baby girl. Can't wait to celebrate Christmas with you and the boys very soon. 

With love, 
Your Mommy 

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