Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Aletta Reese {6 month portraits}

This is Aletta, our sweet little baby cousin, the most precious thing you'll ever meet. She goes by an assortment of nicknames (as any baby should), Letta Lula, Lettie Lulu, and Princess Jasmine ( I think she has that gorgeous exotic beauty about her, lucky girl ;) … just to name a few. We think she's better than watermelon bubblegum and salted caramel dark chocolate. Oh yeah, that good! She loves being anywhere and with whomever, unless it's in a car of course. She has an assortment of delicious smiles to choose from. Let's see, there's the turtle and that stretchy eyed grin (she's got a little South African, American, Mexican and Chinese blood swishing through her veins - heehee!). And even at 6 months she's clapping her hands and about to wave bye bye, not to mention very nearly able to crawl. Her daddy says she's in AP classes. We love you Letta and miss you already! Come back soon (and often!). 
She's yummy isn't she? I'll be back soon with several more portraits but this time with Scarlet, the two of them as tiny cherubs. It's crazy good!

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