Thursday, January 9, 2014

Mama & Mini Style

{mama - top - Zara, overalls - Free People, boots - Crewcuts
mini - headband - The Pink Ruffle, top - Zara, jeggings - bff Mackie}

This girl is cutting her third and fourth toofers today, literally, it's happening today. Was very, very upset about it at bed time and beside herself to the point of being unable to nurse or suck thumb or find any amount of happiness from any person or thing. But we all made it through and it was a family effort, each taking a turn at distracting her from her anguish in some way. All this to say that that spoon was not about to be pried from her clutching hands and drooling mouth, as it was serving its purpose at the time (I know cause I tried and received a good howling at). I managed to replace said spoon with something far less life threatening soon after and now realize I really should have made a better attempt at it pre pictures rather than post. Oh well …. you understand :)

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