Monday, February 3, 2014

Family Style

Hi friends. Hope you've had a beautiful weekend. Here's a snippet of my family, all dressed up and feelin' fine. We wanted to show off Parker's new glasses this time, a smart little addition that we couldn't be happier with. We didn't search far and wide exactly (at least not locally), but I did scour the internets for kid's eyeglasses and thanks to a friend's recommendation, landed at Jonas Paul Eyewear where I felt instantly relieved. Not only are the frames incredibly cute (a little vintage, a little hipster), but for every pair purchased, the company gives a pair to CBM International "to bring vision to a person in need". Win win! They're just the frames, mind you, and we then take them to any eyeglass shop in town to have the prescription lenses added. Anyway, so happy to have found a pair he loves and thought I'd share the love. 
(This guy also sports an impressive orthodontic expander system in his mouth along with a lip bumper that he is constantly playing with - see above - so this is quite the year for him. He's managed to take it all in stride, not being bothered one bit with the changes, which I'm rather surprised at since he's generally not too fond of change. I wonder if Scarlet will one day embrace these sorts of additions as seamlessly? Not likely huh. But everything is so improved from when we were kids that maybe it will be easier for our own. I too had to wear a lip bumper as tween but it was AWFUL)
 {blazer - H&M, sweater - Gap, skirt - Zara, boots - Steve Madden
Parker: glasses - Jonas Paul Eyewear (thanks Sheana for the recommendation!)}

This outfit is hinting at spring with its whites and tiny blooms. I am so very ready for things to thaw. Luckily I'm seeing spring-y things popping up here and there. Spring dance costumes are arriving on my doorstep and I'll be shooting a spring fashion spread this weekend for YOU magazine which is always fun. I'm toying with the idea of doing this to my hair! Yes?

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