Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Hello God!

{Tried to get a pic with the 3 sisters - my little sister is here! - and just didn't know how to be natural for it, so became completely unnatural instead :) - picture taken by Parker James}
{I mean, seriously? It's tough to do a plank even when you're fit as a fiddle. Also, just so you know, I made her do that.}

Last week was amazing and we experienced several little miracles. 

1. On Wednesday, Daena's blood count was "very low". Low enough for the nurse to say that she must not get sick or she would not be able to fight the infection and for the doc in our family to suggest that she stay with my parents to stay away from the kids. Her nurse at Mayo also said that she would not do chemo on Monday (yesterday) unless her blood count went up and that would require a "miracle".
2. Last week 3 of her children and 2 of mine became sick with strep. And on Thursday we all watched as baby Jude dealt with a tiny tummy bug and threw up all over his mama. 
3. Daena never became sick at all!
4. On Friday she went in for blood tests and her counts were really good! She'd had the miracle she needed. Chemo was on, once again. 

Amazing, isn't it? Thank you God for that! 

PS: There were things about last week that were hard too and that's where your whispered prayers made the difference. I think I'll try to focus on the good that we're experiencing in Daena's journey to healing from cancer. But know that there is more and that we cherish your prayers. Thank you again friends and family for your love and support. You are awesome!

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  1. Daena really looks beautiful with that buzz. Rocking it, indeed! Prayers!


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