Monday, February 17, 2014

Mama and Mini Style

Catsuits are my jam and I've missed them! It's been so long since I've had a chance to wear this one and all of those sweet summer rompers cause of the baby belly and then the shedding of those extra preggie pounds. And now with spring in the hopefully not to distant future, I am reclaiming all clothing with connecting tops and bottoms. Yes, yes please. ;) 

Scarlet's dress was a gift from her Ouma, who found it on a trip to Australia. It feels very Russian though and so Olympic inspired. Ha! It also reminds us girls of the character skirts we wore for ballet when we were young. In South Africa we studied the Royal Academy of Dance ballet method (originally from England) and for several years we had to bring a character skirt to class for the international dance portion of the curriculum, which we were eventually examined on. So very different to ballet dance over here in the States. There's certainly some good and not so good in the way dance has been approached in my studies here, but what I can say about the former is that I developed a newfound freedom on this side of the ocean and it sort of unleashed a theatrical dancer in me, where the facial expression and "feeling" in the movement was formerly a huge struggle for me. And it eventually deepened my love for the art and allowed me to be much more expressive and creative in the process. I think Americans are so good at being expressive, aren't they? And it certainly carried over into dancing for me. Anyway, that was a bit of a tangent there … (insert blushing emoticon please) …
{me: blazer and catsuit - H&M, shoes - Besselli (GB)
S: hat - Gap, dress - Pumpkin Patch (grandma's trip to Australia), tights - Target, booties - Minnetonka

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