Friday, March 14, 2014

A Little Update

Her face says it all. "Things on my head make people smile therefore they must be wonderful."

Hi friends! We're in birthday party planning mode over here, preparing to celebrate cousin Jude's 1st birthday and his sister Adorlee's 6th! Then it's my sister Cara, husband Phil, me and Scarlet. All in a row! Spring always seems to be a busy birthday time doesn't it?

That sweet gold crown is Adorlee's and it's in the running for the birthday girl's party crown along with several other festive accessories. Cara put it on Scarlet's head just to see what she'd do and she was perfectly happy. I suppose she's used to it by now. I've shared Scarlet's new funny smile on Instagram a few times now but I managed to snap it with my real camera too and wanted to share the hilarity of it here. It's her favorite new thing to do and it makes everyone watching her giggle. So amazing. Sometimes the nose will scrunch so much that her eyes become slits, all as she bares those lower gums. :)

And an update on Daena. The last pics I snapped of her where a few days before her 2nd chemo treatment. So I took a new set of portraits at the same time again. She wears her hair almost all the time now and it's lovely on her. A very good choice. Glad we didn't indulge Adorlee's fantasies of putting Taylor Swift's hair on mom. Ha! Though she'd likely have been quite disturbed by the blonde on her mom in the end. Daena was set to have her next treatment on Tuesday with a scan on Monday to see what progress has been made with the size of the tumor. I would love one of those stories that go something like "It's completely gone!" That might be a bit extreme to wish for only 2 treatments in but we can pray for the impossible! All this to say that Daena's counts were too low for her to continue with her 3rd round on Tuesday so it has been delayed till later in the week, with the hopes that her counts will come back up. So please keep her in your prayers still, friends. And once again, God has been protecting her from becoming sick, despite these incredibly low blood counts, as the coughs, sneezes and runny noses are still prominent in our homes. She has His protection and we are forever grateful.

Lots of love to you all. Have a beautiful weekend and enjoy something sweet for me! xx Kirsty

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