Thursday, March 20, 2014

The Butterfly - 10 Month Portraits

Our Scarlet bug turned 10 months old yesterday and as is our norm, we dressed for the occasion and had our photo taken. It might look like all sweetness and cuddles here but when you peer a little closer (see last pic), you will see "real life yo". Sick, sick as a dog, albeit, adorable puppy dog. Let's go with that. 

{above - starts crawling to mama and below - swaying above mama while boogers drip into mouth and onto mama}
{hairband - Target, dress - from Ouma but Naartjie (South African brand though there's a store in LA - crazy right Chika?)}

Dear Scarlet,  

10 months old my love. It's amazing. The only thing about you that is reminiscent of the tiny baby you once were is that fact that you still nurse. And you're not one of those wild party nursers (in your old age) that make the experience much like pop the piƱata. No, you're a focused little lady and you still like to wrap around me and tuck your knees in. It's wonderful. You can nurse until you're 5 if that's what you want little dear (not really …  though you can … but just don't). ;)

In your 10th month you created a cool new smile, one we've enjoyed immensely. I have a sneaky suspicion that what that smile actually is is an imitation of my own which, though you'd think it very sweet, is actually a horror. Only cause from time to time I see my reflection in the glass when I'm chatting with you and my smile is quite bearlike and overbearing. Like it's going to eat up my whole face. But you like it enough to copy it and I'm flattered. I really am. Or maybe there's no connection at all and you simply love to scrunch your nose and eyes and bare all your teeth and gums. Either way, we're massive fans! 

You crawl and pull up and cruise around. Climb steps and fall down them. You squat to sit back down from standing, in a way that's much more graceful that Parker's back arch to the ground (head first). Though you do free fall those last 3 inches as it's not quite all figured out yet. You love to come to dance class and watch the girls. You're like a kitty, crawling through our legs and nudging against them. As soon as the music plays you start to bop and usually I have to pick you up and spin you in a circle to a spattering of applause., confetti falling from the sky and disco ball sparkling …. oh wait. But really, you love to spin with me. Enormous giggles and drooly smiles.

You love to say "thissss" with a heavy focus on the "isssss" part. So really it's just the "isssss" but I like to think you're saying all sorts of stuff. Like "yes" when I ask you if you're done bathing or "this" when I wonder which food you'd prefer to eat. You also say "mama" when the mood strikes you and the occasional "dada". Most of the time though we do lots of coaxing and you get to just pick and choose when you'll indulge us. 

You sleep in very funny positions sometimes. I've seen you folded over in a sitting position several times now and I come home to see you asleep in daddy's arms, in funny forward leaning positions every once in a while. Though you sleep much longer in that good old back lying position which we all can relate to. 

You love eating at restaurants and sit so nicely in your high chair. This is not something I've ever had the pleasure of saying in the past (with your bros), so I'm delighted that you're delighted. Not saying it won't change cause it probably will. But for now, you scrunchy smile at the waiter/waitress and feed yourself and sit back when your tummy's full. It's all so big of you. 

You have a favorite new buddy that goes everywhere with you and it's Parker's blue pencil sharpener. Yes really, it is. You eat with it in one hand and sleep with it in your bed and hold it tight like it's extremely important. And finally, little one, you love to give kisses. Aunty Cara got the ball rolling on this one and I was surprised when you leaned in to her and kissed her when she requested. But now, all we have to do is ask and you'll lean your forehead in and open your little mouth. A dreamy, wet kiss. 

We love you lots and lots! Thank you for being YOU. 

Your mommy

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