Tuesday, March 25, 2014

The Stylish Traveler {for YOU mag}

Hi friends! Just thought I'd share some more pictures from the style feature that recently printed with YOU magazine. This article was such a blast to write as it allowed me ample opportunity to sit and day dream about one of my favorite things, adventures in travel. So I think I'll share the article with you too … Here we go! 

The world and its magnificent beauties fuel a sense of wanderlust in me that grows daily and excites day dreams that flit between “let’s fly away” and “let’s wear something beautiful”. I find that people and places around the globe and the pulse of their colorful and unique cultures are the greatest inspiration we have in fashion today. So when I begin to toss items into my suitcase, I’m immensely influenced by where I’m heading. As you begin to circumnavigate the globe, you too may find that your explorations and adventures will have a beautiful affect and end result on your wardrobe and sense of style. But for now, let’s set ourselves adrift on a voyage that takes us to four perfectly different and equally exquisite worlds and, most importantly, let’s focus on what we might wear on those travels both near and far.

The Heat of Miami
Miami is where I’ll head to feel the warm sun on my skin. This getaway offers a chance to unwind on the beach, sand in-between your toes and palm trees swaying in the breeze. And then later, a picturesque candlelit dinner overlooking the ocean. In Miami you can show a little more skin and this neon leopard print feels flirty and beach-y to me. It’s even perfect for slipping over a bikini and heading to the boardwalk. Sparkly sandals and piles of bangles add a touch of glitz.

If you’re itching to try something new with your do but are unwilling to make any sort of long term commitment, I’ve found a fun solution. Travis at Salon 54 used a fabulous little Color Bug on my hair (also available in other hues like purple, orange and white). This color is in and out in just one wash (have no fear!) and what better time to try something wild and wonderful with your locks than on your next vacation. 

 {dress - T J Maxx, necklace - Forever 21, shoes - Zara, bag - Free People}

The Palaces of London
London has both the exhilaration of the big city and the grandeur of royalty. I want to waltz through St Paul’s Cathedral and snap a picture near the Tower Bridge, to sit for a charming cup of tea and then enjoy the dreamy store fronts at St James’s. This floaty floor length dress with its dramatic floral print feels very English to me, with billowing folds that dance in each breeze and long sleeves for the chill of a rainy London day.

{dress & shoes - Free People

The Souks of Marrakech
When my mind wanders to Morocco I see rich colors - indigo, poppy, saffron, and turquoise. And when it comes to wardrobe, I’m inspired by the squares and souks of Marrakech, the most exotic shopping experience in the world. It’s a spellbinding treat with mysterious apothecaries and rich rugs, shiny brass lanterns and copper candlesticks, spices and perfumes. This dress hints at the colors and textures of those markets as do the chunky brass and copper cuffs. And the oversized leather bag is the perfect companion to any outfit.  

 {dress - Zara, necklace - Forever 21, shoes - Payless}

The Romance of Paris 
The city of love and light, macarons and pain au chocolat! Let’s walk down tiny cobblestone streets and ride a bike along the River Seine, sip a cappuccino in a cozy cafe in Montmartre and visit the Eiffel Tower at night. When I think Parisian chic I immediately envision stripes, scarves, and demure flats. This look is a nod to that put together, classic effortlessness of French woman. 

{dress - Asos, blazer - H&M, scarf - Target, shoes - Zara}


  1. Oh what a fun article! I love the Paris look, you are spot on! I feel the same about traveling, I wish we had more time to do it!

  2. You are such a beauty! Love each look--especially that long dress, swooooon!


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