Monday, April 28, 2014

A Fancy Occasion {and a few laughs}

My sisters and I had a little fun over the weekend. We had a mission to find creative black tie attire and set to rummaging through our closets as well as our mom's, in the hopes of unearthing adequate prom dresses and whatever other formal/semi formal wear we could find. There just aren't many opportunities to really and truly dress up, so we have little to choose from. The event was a very fancy gala held by our kid's school, Providence Academy (well I was actually a delighted plus 1 ;). So here are our final picks. I wore one of my mom's dresses and Daena wore my little sister Cara's senior prom dress. You just never know when one of your old prom dresses will come out to play again and it sure helps that she graduated in the mid 2000's rather than the 90's! Let's just say that my prom dress was not a contender.
Daena and I wanted to take a few pictures too. You know, the real deal stuff. 
We really could have done a much more stoic job of this staircase shot but hey, we tried. :)

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