Thursday, April 24, 2014

The Butterfly - 11 Months Portraits

She's 11 months now and you know what that means, party planning is in full swing! But really, there's a bittersweetness that comes with watching your baby grow up. Far more sweet with so many smiles but every once in a while there's a moment that catches my breath, a sad little hiccup of time when I think about how my baby is soon to be an official toddler and that, well, that my baby will be gone forever. I have loved all my babies so much …. so, so much. Gah! (note to self - get a grip!)

I tried to capture some of those delicious details that are just so perfect and so "Scarlet". Her funny expressions, her perfectly toned arms (heehee), the red-in-the-sun hair that sticks up wildly and freely at her crown, her persistently drooling mouth, the lashes, the eyes, the cheeks, the mouth. It's all soooo good.

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