Monday, June 23, 2014

Mama and Mini Style {maxi dresses}

Summer is just the absolute perfect time to wear maxi length dresses and skirts. I love them best with flat sandals; gives them that floaty grecian feel. But on occasion I'll add some height, in this case a strappy wedge, just to dress it up a bit. The little lady has not quite figured out how to move around in maxi dresses, but today was a very successful day of walking practice, so our dress length problems are on their way out the door. Scarlet is walking throughout the day (though still prefers her speedy crawl) but when she does, you are prohibited from making eye contact or screaming in pleasure and support. She will immediately stop what she's doing and sit down. Pretend she has no idea what the fuss is about. So when she walks, we pretend we're not noticing and keep all celebrations and woohoos quietly on the inside. I wonder what this is telling us about her little personality. Funny girl. 
{me: dress & vest - Forever 21, necklace - Somewhere in Time Antique (GB), shoes & sunnies - Target
Scarlet: dress - South Africa, hair clip - Target, shoes - Old Navy}

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