Thursday, June 19, 2014

My Family Photographed!

Oh you guys, I'm so excited about these pictures! My dear friend Jace, who recently moved to Steven's Point (not too far away and the little town where Phil and I lived before we moved here) with her husband and they came for a visit not too long ago. While they were here, Jace took this incredible photos of our family in exchange for Phil videotaping her and Curt performing some of their music. They're both outstanding vocalists and, of course, Jace is also a hugely talented photographer. So if you're in the Stevens Point area, you need to book this lady. Her work is beautiful and poignant and she also happens to be the funniest and cutest Croatian I've ever met (sure, she's the only one but still, she's just all that!).

So here's some of her work from that afternoon. I'm so happy Jace, thank you!

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