Monday, June 30, 2014

Weaving - My New Obsession!

This is a long story and so I will tell all of it, in excruciating completely irrelevant to the point detail. It all started with an Etsy gift card, as all good shopping stories should. I have been in possession of this gift since the beginning of May and I have about a thousand (okay, 5 - 6) items on my Etsy wish list that are all so well ... completely perfect in every way. So I just can't make up my stinking mind and I'm sitting on this, waiting it out.

And then I get those Etsy Finds emails every day. And if you get them you'll know that they highlight what's trending (flamingos, pineapples, succulents, flowers, neons, neutrals, galaxy prints ... you name it). Tends to be what's trending on Instagram and sometimes on blogs too. NOT, mind you, amongst the serious fashion bloggers, but rather the mama, party inspiration, or creative DIY type blogs. Have you noticed that often a blogger's Instagram account is much more exciting than their actual blog? Oh goodness, you might even think the same of mine! It's often more down to earth, a true picture of their day to day that isn't necessarily presented online. Mine is definitely that. I find that I have little time to write really in-depth posts that describe my daily life and so I focus on telling my stories with pictures instead. They often do a far better job of capturing a feeling or emotion than my words ever could. And Instagram is my favorite absolutely instant way to capture my family's every day. Fabs. But I digress ... 
So these Etsy emails keep featuring these wall tapestries. And I'm digging them. And then I start to see them on Insta, one pretty pastel piece commissioned for a baby's room and a black and white version hung oh-so-cooly above a minimalist console table paired with a tiny potted plant. And before I know it, I'm completely engrossed. 

So weaving, this new-to-me textile art, really impresses me. It's a sort of nostalgic craft (hello 70's!) that now seems to have come back in a new way. And the artists that create them, those like Maryanne Moodie (top 2 images), are just plain incredible. Their creations are so beautiful but crazy, crazy expensive to purchase! I ended up selecting a few Etsy shops that were creating some amazing pieces but decided that really, I'm just not willing to spend that kind of money. 

So I went the DIY route and began to search for tutorials, eventually discovering what I thought to be  a really simple tutorial (out of a plethora of them) that seemed to have clear instructions, inexpensive materials, and an end result that I really liked (below). Let me assure you, I'm not trying to channel Anne of Green Gables here and I'm certain my sisters will have a good giggle about this. :)
But off I went to St Vinnys in the hopes of 1. finding a vintage version with a chic enough look and color combo to work in my home OR 2. finding a loom (did a little research on those too, prices/DIY  options) and other supplies. And absolute shocker, I found a handmade loom, needle, yarn and twine. All there! Total of about $8 spent on all of it. And just in case I am an absolute failure at this, then no hard earned cash wasted right?
So there's my loot. I hope to find a quiet morning when I can start working on my first project but realistically this may have to wait until school starts again in the fall. I will certainly keep you up to date on all weaving shenanigans. If it goes well, I'll try more color combos and designs. 

So how about you? Are you into the trend too or is this the first time you've noticed it? Would you give it a try? Woulnd't it be fun to meet up at a coffee shop and tackle it together? Or have a pro teach us how? Perhaps it could be the DIY for our next big workshop event. Would you go? And with that in mind, do you create these beauties already and if so, would you get in touch with me? I'd love to see your work. Let's collaborate!


  1. Looks so great!! I haven't seen these "trending" so this was a fun read. :) I hope it's awesome and easy enough for you to make me one. Ideally a really huge one to hang on my big empty wall in my living room? :) That would be grand. I have a small crocheting project hidden away in a closet for a slower time, as well. In fact it's been in there for over a year and I just can't seem to find the time to figure it all out. I've never crocheted so that's what's daunting, but the end result is the coolest. (Little delicate crocheted nets that fit over palm sized rocks. Maybe you've seen them?)

  2. This looks so fun! Im up for another craft day how to! I would love to learn how to do something crafty like this....then I wouldn't feel so guilty staying up late watching Call the Midwife or something of the like.


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