Friday, July 11, 2014

Family Life {at the park}

Fridays are always especially good. Daddy is home, we don't have to be anywhere and can go where ever the wind blows us, and we have the promise of the same for the weekend ahead. Well, except for Sundays which are pretty hectic to be honest, as I have to get all 4 kids to church by 10:30am on my own (my husband is one of the pastors at our church and so is there bright and early). Getting everyone in their Sunday best is tough! But aside from getting to church on time, weekends are easy as pie and we love it.

Today we went to the park, all 6 of us. And we had a picnic lunch and played for a couple of hours. Scarlet is the proud owner of a brand new walk and she wobbles dangerously where ever she goes. It's pretty awesome.

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