Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Family Life {summer goodness continues}

Hello friends! Thought I'd share some pictures from last week, a few snaps of our favorite moments. We managed 3 big outings (1) the NEW Zoo (2) a nearby water park called JoAnnes and (3) a day on the boat and all the 4th of July celebrations that followed.

We sweat our way through the zoo, a not altogether negative experience for me seeing as sweat is hard to come by here. And the kids even took a few timid steps forward to feed the giraffe, surprising me with their bravery. Though after, Elliot told me he was "so scared that the giraffe would bite my hand off". Me too, my love, me too. :) One girl thought it a good idea to place the leaf in her mouth and feed the giraffe that way. I didn't stay to watch. I couldn't imagine that ending very well and I think the raised voices that followed must have come from the sweet animal's attendant who was surely as horrified as I was.
Let's skip ahead to the 4th, a beautiful, beautiful day and one that was spent out on the water, soaking it all in. Scarlet, her dad and I finally hopped off the boat about 6 hours later to head home to dinner and to tuck her in for the night. But the boys all stayed behind to watch the fireworks from sleeping bags on the bow, best seat in the house I'm sure! And then to top it off, they even spent the night out there on the boat, tucked cozy and tight in that cabin with their dear grandparents. Pretty exciting stuff for those little chickens. Elliot fell asleep on the floor in his bedroom before he had even eaten lunch the next day. Completely exhausted from all that fun.

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