Monday, August 18, 2014

Weekend Style

{dress/necklace - Forever 21, bag - Free People}

Hello friends! Taking a moment to myself this evening to get some work done as the boys are all off swimming with their grandma and cousins. And Scarlet and her daddy are entertaining each other on the couch while we watch Love It or List It in the background. But still, I am a multi-tasking maven and this post will go out! I tell you what though, I'm finding that the opportunities to write blog posts are quickly becoming rare and cherished occasions, not nearly as easy and relaxing as they once were. I have to greedily sneak time to do it nowadays and it's a wonder that I manage to post anything at all. But I love this space as much as I always have and I will not let it go. Will not! I must push forward until time becomes plentiful again and not a rarity (am I kidding myself?). Life is busy when the kids are home for the summer but it is also wonderful. And our summer break is over very soon, the kids heading back to school in just 9 more days. So change is a-comin'!

Anywaaaay … we snapped 2 outfits over the weekend and here they are! As you can see, Scarlet was less than happy to oblige us and eager to head to bed for her beauty sleep. We often do that to her, poor girl, but her dress was just so precious with its Eiffel Tower/hot air balloon print that she had to join. Give me an Eiffel Tower print dress any day!
{me: dress - H&M, shoes - Free People
S: dress - Gymboree, shoes - Saltwater Sandals}


  1. Summer is so busy, but such a cherished time (especially in Wisconsin as I'm finding)! I was happy to see a revisit with you over on design mom today, your family is just lovely :)

    1. Thank you Eryn! lovely to have you back. :)


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