Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Back to School + Mama Style

Well, the boys have been back at school for about a week now with a nice long weekend to break it up in the middle, and Scarlet and I have to say, it's been pretty nice. We've been busy cleaning the house and preparing to go back to dance but there have also been some relaxing times hanging out with cousins and enjoying hand massages and macarons for breakfast at a wonderful little boutique called Azure. So we're feeling good! 

The boys are all happy to be back at school and are enjoying it. Yippee! No complaints except from little E, who says it's really, really hard work. He's in his last year of preschool this year, but he's doing the kindergarten program to kick it up a notch, so yes, it's hard work for him and a big change from last year I imagine. But he's never complained about heading off for the day and is always happy at the end of it, so I think he's enjoying himself despite the brain squeeze. 

Here are pictures of the boys from their first day back to school. Parker - 4th grade. Monty - 1st grade. Elliot - preschool. 
Ha! He's always Batman nowadays. 

And I even have a little mama and mini style today!
{me: dress - Forever 21, kimono - H&M, necklace - Free People
S: dress - grandparents trip to France, shoes - Saltwater Sandals, bow - H&M}

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  1. Adorable. So happy to see smiling faces on a first day!


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