Monday, September 15, 2014

The Gus Summer Soiree

To end off our summer with a bang we threw a huge, HUGE backyard party and made sure to include all of our favorite summer loves. This summer was all about flamingos and pineapples and these kitschy favorites were all over our go-to party blogs and Instas and made celebrations look all the more fun. We weren't about to miss out on that opportunity! But most importantly, this party was about celebrating Daena and the incredible wife, mother, sister and friend that she is. Bob and Daena invited all their friends and family to say a huge thank you to everyone who had shown such enormous love and support to her and her fam these past 9 months. Here are the pictures from the #gussummersoiree! You can find more under that hashtag on Instagram.
(invites from Tiny Prints
Bob started prepping the food early on Saturday morning and it was, as always, divine. His sous-chef Jonathan was also stellar. ;)
I peppered the front yard with flamingos and spray painted the pineapples to match. We also carved out pineapples to use as vases.
We ordered some Flash Tats  for the party and had to make a super duper awkward pose to show them off. But they are pretty amazing and we have loads left over to continue to play with. Love them!
How gorgeous is the "confetti cake"?!
These littles loved playing in the ice and the adults love getting pictures of them reaching for cans of beer. :)

All of the guests were invited to paint a square inspired by summer. 
And then to finish things off, we thought we'd try to get one of those pretty confetti shots. Easier said than done!
Yay! We did it!
My family gave Daena a gift to commemorate this special day. 
(the triangle diamond)
And then little S gave us a few cute shots in the doorway.
What a happy, happy day! Love you Daen. 

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