Thursday, October 16, 2014

A Family Photo Session with the Artels

Hello friends! 

I have another photo session to share with you today (so many to come too - whew!) and you'll notice the fall colors deepening with every session I share. This is always a busy month for photography as this state of Wisconsin is the most glorious place to live in October. It really and truly takes my breath away. The colors are at their peak right now I think, as every tree is just stunningly saturated, every block you turn. I feel spoiled with so much beauty. 

The Artels are wonderful friends of ours and I always love taking their pictures (12 & 3  other shoots!). And these two littles are just too cute for words. It's always so much fun to photograph children while they're playing and exploring, particularly when they're not too worried about the camera. :)

Hope you enjoy!
Love to you Genna! xx Kirsty

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  1. They are beautiful, as always! Love my kiddo closeups and mommy/daughter, daddy/son pair ups. And you can't even see the millions of mosquitoes that were attacking us. Bonus! Thanks Kirsty!!!


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